WhatsApp Plus APK Download Latest Version 2022

Nowadays, many of us are using the popular messaging app WhatsApp. This whatsapp plus has been available for quite some time so users can easily download it onto their smartphones and use it to chat with friends. However, there is a new version called WhatsApp Plus which offers more features than the original one does. In this blog post you will learn what these amazing features are and how they work to make your experience much better when chatting with others on WhatsApp!

WhatsApp is an app that should be on every smartphone user’s device. It has taken over the chatting, voice, and video calling apps, making it one of the most popular applications ever downloaded. Of course, with a reputation like that, numerous APKs, such as WhatsApp Plus and third-party applications are quickly jumping on board.

In this post, we’ll discuss the latest version of WhatsApp Plus download as well as some suggestions and tutorials, but I encourage you to check out modapksoft for more WhatsApp mods that might be of interest to you.

What is WhatsApp Plus?

WhatsApp Plus is a popular WhatsApp APK version, comparable in popularity to GBWhatsApp. It’s utilized by millions of users who find the official app too limiting. WhatsApp Plus enables you to express yourself freely using WhatsApp, which is something the original version doesn’t offer. It’s mostly aimed at people who downloaded it just so they could announce that they’re onto something big.

Furthermore, WhatsApp Plus is a fantastic multi-account app that allows you to conceal your online presence and blue ticks for introverts. You may use it to show your friends how to personalize the app, as well as high-resolution picture downloading and other features. You can also hide your writing status if you have no idea how to reply to a text message.

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Note: WhatsApp Plus is a modified version of the original WhatsApp. It’s one of the most popular Mods among users. It doesn’t even get you banned from the original WhatsApp, to begin with. We’ve listed anti-ban WhatsApp Plus download links on this page so that you can easily access them. This won’t get you kicked off of the WhatsApp messenger in any way.


WhatsApp Plus APK Download

Here are the direct download links for WhatsApp Plus latest version 2021. It’s best to get WhatsApp Plus 2021 newest version, which is available for download here.

App NameWhatsApp Plus
Size52.5 MB
RequirementAndroid 5.0 and up
LanguageMulti-Language Support
Last updated1 day ago

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Note: WhatsApp Plus is available for download on Android devices running version 4.4 and up. That means you may get WhatsApp Plus for Xiaomi, WhatsApp Plus for Mi, WhatsApp Plus for Samsung, WhatsApp Plus for Vivo, or WhatsApp Plus for Oppo from our website. Any Android device with a processor speed of 1GHz or higher will be compatible with the WhatsApp Plus APK.


WhatsApp Plus Developers

WhatsApp has been a popular messaging app for years now and as such, there are many different versions of it floating around. One particularly interesting tweak was created by Rafalete over ten years ago in 2012 which became known as APK ” WhatsApp Plus.” It’s not just one of the best tweaks but also received million downloads within months! After that initial release from this developer came two more notable adjustments: WapPlusMojo (2013)and Whistonut Job(2014).

WhatsApp Plus HeyMods

HeyMods is another name creation of WhatsApp Plus. The features and the App version are the same as those found in the Rafale version of the app. There is just one difference: it takes up a bit more internal space as a result of the increased resources it has. Installing the APK requires the use of these extra resources.

WhatsApp Plus HeyMods AlexMods

Finally, AlexMods is another WhatsApp Plus APK creator. Along with four additional mods, Team AlexMods created WhatsApp Plus. However, they have only updated three of the five APKs. The file is in a zip format. Users must download and install the APKS after extraction. AlexMods’s version of the program does not work on all types of mobile devices. The WhatsApp Plus version has a different icon.

Latest WhatsApp Plus version 18.10.0 (updated) Features

  • The base has been updated (Google Play)
  • Anti-ban ads
  • You may take part in group activities.
  • More new emojis have been added.
  • Options settings have been updated.
  • Icons in the notification bar have been updated.
  • Designing new settings is now possible.
  • Designing a new changelog
  • More features are available >>

WhatsApp Plus Download By HeyMods

This version of WhatsApp Plus was made by the HeyMods Team just for its users. Simply download the file from the link below and install it on your smartphone. Prior to starting the installation process, you’ll need to download and install some additional tools to run this version on your device. The following is a direct link to the downloadable file, have fun!

HeyMods WhatsApp Plus Version 18.00.0 (updated) Features

  • The base has been updated
  • DIY is the theme.
  • Hide the terms and conversations around privacy.
  • Change the color of the blue ticks.
  • Views of the story are hidden.

WhatsApp Plus APK Downlaod By AlexMods

The newest version of Titanium Maximum is available for download in zip format from AlexMod. The file may be downloaded by clicking the button below, downloading the ZIP file, extracting it, and then beginning the installation process. Make sure your gadget allows downloads from unidentified sources so that the software may be obtained. The following is a link to get WhatsApp Plus:

AlexMods WhatsApp Plus Version 13.50 (updated) Features

  • The color theme is dark/light.
  • The base has been updated
  • Emojis that move in real-time
  • More stickers are available.
  • Remove the blue tick from sight.
  • Change the color of the background and the themes.


Some Other WhatsApp Mods Apk You Can Try in 2021

WhatsApp Plus APK Previous Version Download

WhatsApp Old Versions

However, because the number of mod offers varies and no one knows who wrote most of the applications, it’s tough to determine which version of WhatsApp Plus is the newest. Others claim it’s 3.17, while the majority believe it’s 5.60. Anyway, here are some of the modifications that you may install on your smartphone to try them out (There is also a version for iPhone).

WhatsApp Plus Feature overview

Almost everyone feels that the current messenger lacks some functionality that may be greatly improved, and this is precisely what this APK intends to accomplish. As a result, here’s a rundown of the functions with which you may tinker with the original software’s development:

  • Customize the interface, background, and fonts to reflect your own preferences.
  • Send large audio and video files over the mail.
  • Photographs should be downloaded or sent in their original quality.
  • The QuickShare feature is available.
  • Using the partial copy and paste feature, you may choose the text you wish to copy and paste and send it to your contacts.
  • Hide the photo from your profile.
  • From the chat screen, you can see the current connection time and any status messages.
  • Installation of a variety of subjects.

WhatsApp Plus: a detailed list of features

If you’re still not satisfied with the summary of features, let us show you what WhatsApp Plus can do.


  • Hide your online status from others.
  • Hide the status of your view.
  • Blue ticks and second ticks should be hidden.
  • Hide the status of your writing
  • Blue Microphone should be hidden.
  • Keep your recording hidden.
  • Anti-revoke may be enabled or disabled.

Plus settings

  • Sticker sets are available for download from GBPLUS.
  • Makers of stickers
  • The Cleaner
  • Wallpapers courtesy of GB PLUS
  • Availability of an auto-responder
  • Get a variety of themes.
  • Obtain a large number of typefaces.
  • Make the discussion screen your own.
  • Chats may be customized on the screen.
  • Customize the notification popup message.
  • Widgets may be customized.
  • Video files up to 50 MB in size may be shared.
  • Audio files up to 100 MB in size may be shared.
  • The distribution of high-quality photographs
  • Images of high quality and originality are shared.
  • Sharing video status updates that are longer than 30 seconds and up to 7 minutes is possible.
  • WhatsApp + is password-protected.
  • Check out the logs and activities.
  • You may create a comprehensive backup of your data and then restore them in any version of WA MOD that you have.

General settings

  • Restart the WhatsApp Plus application.
  • Message Scheduling Program
  • DND Mode is a mode of operation in which no data is sent.
  • Custom conversations for privacy, notifications, and media auto-downloading are all available.

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How to Install Whatsapp Plus on your Android Phone?

As previously said, downloading and using the Whatsapp APK app is simple. Installing this program on your smartphone is just a few clicks away. Here’s how to install this software in the simplest and quickest manner possible for your phone.

To begin, download the WhatsApp Plus app to your Android device by following the link below.

  • Next, grab this APK application and install it on your phone.
  • If you want to save all of your messaging on Whatsapp, go to Settings-Chats-Backup and choose What’s New.
  • After that, take a complete backup and wait for your entire chat to be backed up.
  • Next, remove Whatsapp from your Android phone using easy methods. Settings -apps-Whatsapp Plus-Uninstalln
  • Then, install the Whatsapp Plus APK on your Android device from the above-mentioned link.
  • You must go through the quick, automated procedure that inputs your mobile number and verifies it with an OTP code after installation.
  • After that, type your name and phone number. You’re ready to go now. So use WhatsApp Plus on your Android device to get in touch with the rest of the world.


Pros of using WhatsApp Plus

If you’re weary of the limited colors and low picture quality of ordinary WhatsApp, WhatsApp Plus offers all of the functionality that the basic app lacks. You may have been using WhatsApp for months or even years, but I’m sure you haven’t used any of these features before.

Hide online status: This function is ideal for those who just want to monitor individuals or simply view WhatsApp without being discovered online. The ability to conceal one’s internet presence is a typical feature of most WhatsApp APKs; these days, you just don’t want to talk to people.

Hide blue ticks: Users receive numerous ticks in WhatsApp; one tick when their message is sent, two ticks when it is delivered, and two blue ticks when it is viewed. You may conceal the fact that you’ve seen your contact’s message with this function, which is perfect for ghosting others.

Writing status: When you compose a message, the program displays a few dots to indicate you’re typing to the other person. You may conceal your embarrassment of not knowing what to say using this function. You can type and erase as many replies as you wish without letting on that you’ve been attempting to reply for a long time.

Recording status: You can conceal your embarrassingly lengthy thinking time while composing a response in the recording studio, just like you could with the writing studio.

Sticker Packs: You may purchase cool stickers that you can send to your contacts from the website. Keep track of the most popular stickers so you always have the newest hot ones. If you don’t like what’s available, you may make your own sticker set using nothing more than the sticker maker on the site.

Cleaner: Because a smartphone’s storage isn’t infinite, you’ll need a method to clear out old conversations and other unneeded files. You don’t have to remove messages manually with this function because the cleaner does it for you one by one.

Wallpapers: Of course, without wallpapers, the customization process would be incomplete. You may discover all of the wallpapers you want on our site.

Auto-reply: The WhatsApp Business app has an auto-reply feature, but it isn’t accessible in the regular WhatsApp software. That’s where WhatsApp Plus comes in handy. You may use the most recent version to schedule automatic replies when you’re too tired to type on your own.

Themes: Themes are an uncommon component of WhatsApp APKs. Themes allow you to customize your WhatsApp interface to your preference. There are various themes provided by other users, as well as the ability to develop your own.

Customization: You may personalize the headers, chat screen, and main screen to match your interests with Koolau. Not only can you choose from wallpapers and themes, but you can also customize the header, chat screen, and core screen to satisfy your needs. Aside from the chatting components, you may adjust the notification alerts as well as the widgets.

Sharing: The original WhatsApp program has a sharing feature that’s not ideal. You can only share little films and tiny megabytes of video and audio, to say the least. What’s more, when you download an image, it isn’t saved in its full resolution; rather, it is sent through WhatsApp Plus, allowing you to send videos longer than 30 seconds and up to 7 minutes. You may share 50MB of films and 100MB of audio recordings, as well as retain the picture quality.

Security: If you only need a little bit of privacy, you’ll probably want to hide your WhatsApp, correct? Except that WhatsApp doesn’t have that feature. Instead, WhatsApp Plus provides greater security than the original by requiring a password before allowing access to the messaging application.

Logs and history: This function is ideal for meticulous individuals who want to keep track of their activities. Because this feature documents your actions, including when you launch and quit the app, you can follow it back through time.

Fonts and style: This WhatsApp mod has a large selection of typefaces with beautiful designs, sizes, and forms. I am confident you will enjoy experimenting with them.

Do you want to spice up the old, uninteresting font on WhatsApp? Keep your seat belts fastened because WhatsApp Plus has a variety of typefaces. Do you wish to convey your sloth and quirkiness using typefaces? Select Comic Sans as your cookie font. Is it time for some cookies or a new writing style font? There must be a way to customize fonts even further. This is fantastic for greater customization and self-expression via fonts.

Cons of using Whatsapp Plus MOD

As I previously said, WhatsApp is well aware of modifications like WhatsApp Plus and others that are linked to it, so you may face a ban and have your account deleted. I recommend utilizing a temporary phone number just in case; you don’t want your primary phone to be banned.

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How do I download WhatsApp Plus?

Download the WhatsApp Plus version by clicking on the “WhatsApp Plus” link on modapksoft website. Select your phone, then go to the download button. Simply click on the download button above, and an APK file will be sent straight to your computer in a matter of seconds.

How do I install WhatsApp Plus?

This is quite simple to install. First and foremost, go to your settings menu, select security, then enable “unknown sources” so you can access the web. After downloading the APK file, simply install it. You may use it right away after installation is complete.

Is WhatsApp Plus safe?

However, bear in mind that WhatsApp is aware of the majority of the APK applications, and if the creators find out about your use of these, you will be banned from using the app. As a result, WhatsApp Plus has been removed and re-uploaded to the internet many times, ranging from JiMOD to HOLO. You’re safe from malware and adware, though.

Does WhatsApp Plus work on the iPhone?

No, WhatsApp Plus is an APK file built specifically for Android 4.4+ devices. It won’t function on any device running on another operating system.

Is it possible to install WhatsApp Plus without verification?

The Play Protect prototype is Google Play Store, which thoroughly examines Android apps before installation for flaws or bugs.
Although Whatsapp Plus can circumvent it on most devices, if you’re unable to do so, remove the Play Protect from the Google Play Store first.


Final Words

If you’re searching for a different type of theme and file-sharing possibilities, WhatsApp plus may be the right choice for you. If you put a higher value on your privacy than looks, WhatsApp + may not be appropriate. So, you must weigh the benefits and drawbacks before making a decision.

You’ve learned how to use one of the greatest WhatsApp modifications and download it. I’m confident you’ll like it, especially the customizability aspect.

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