WhatsApp PLUS Holo APK Download Latest Version 2022

WhatsApp PLUS Holo is a new version of WhatsApp that has been upgraded with the latest technology. With this app, you can enjoy features such as live filters and stickers while chatting with your friends. You will love the way it makes you feel when you chat for hours on end without running out of things to say!

It is always fun to chat with people on WhatsApp, but sometimes we get bored of its default theme. It’s time for an upgrade! We could search Google Play Store or Apple App store and find other apps like Facebook Messenger that will allow us more customization options than before. But if you want something different than these available choices then look no further because I found what may just be your perfect match: Holo (plus) version.”

This post will discuss WhatsApp Plus Holo, which is different from the original version and how to get the most up-to-date edition from modapksoft.

WhatsApp Plus Holo APK

WhatsApp Plus offered additional capabilities, allowing us to customize its colors, use different themes, and limit file transmission size. You may use the same features with a Holo interface if you obtain the APK of WhatsApp PLUS Holo. The following are some of its notable characteristics:

  • Customization – You have a lot of control over the app’s appearance by altering different elements. It will appear completely different and add to the game’s enjoyment. Isn’t it fantastic?
  • Different themes – This app has a wide range of themes to select from. You may easily switch the theme of your app to match your mood.
  • Share large files- The file upload restriction has now been removed on this version. This software may now be used to easily share big audio and video files.
  • Original resolution – You don’t have to sacrifice the picture quality on WhatsApp. You can freely transmit and receive images in their original resolution with the Holo version.
  • New emojis – You can add more personality to your conversations with this app version. It now includes a plethora of new emojis. You may use all of these emojis in all of your communications.
  • Change fonts – The typeface may also be modified to meet your demands. Larger fonts are beneficial for the elderly.

WhatsApp Plus Holo APK Information

AppWhatsApp Holo
Size7.2 MB
RequirementAndroid 2.1 and up
Last Updated1 day ago

The most recent version of the mod is available for download by clicking the “Download” button below. Make sure you’re connected to a stable Internet connection before continuing. It’s best to close other programs while the download is happening.

  1. Download WhatsApp Plus Holo APK on your smartphone by visiting Google Play, then downloading it.
  2. Copy the APK file to your SD card, where you may find it easily.
  3. Install a file manager of your choosing.
  4. Tap the APK file to open it.
  5. Now click OK on the pop-up.
  6. Now, tap on Install. Allow a few seconds for the installation to finish.
  7. You have now successfully downloaded and installed the WhatsApp Plus Holo APK on your phone! You are now able to use Whatsapp to communicate.

WhatsApp Plus Holo Update

A fresh new look for your favorite instant messaging program is simply fascinating. Because WhatsApp Plus is user-customizable, you may personalize it to your liking with a variety of colors, sizes, forms, and so on. Such visual transformation shakes up the same ol’ smartphone appearance. Here’s a sneak preview of what you’ll get with this most recent upgrade.

  • In addition, this update provides a handy “Quick Share” option on the chat screen, such as using your preferred photo or emoticons in the WhatsApp Plus Image folder.
  • On the left of the screen, you’ll see a new Hide image icon.
  • The buttons’ color has been changed.
  • The maximum size that WhatsApp clients may send is 30MB, as larger sizes are not permitted on the WhatsApp servers.
  • Italian, Dutch, and Brazilian are now available.
  • and improvements, as well as bug fixes.


How do I download WhatsApp PLUS Holo?

Step1: Download the WhatsApp Plus Holo APK in Google Play and install it on your smartphone.
Step2: Copy the APK file to your SD card, where you can easily find it.
Step3: Install a file management program of your choice.
Step4: Open the file explorer and navigate to the location where you placed the APK file. Select it, then tap on it.
Step5: Then, hit OK on the notification.
Step6: Tap Install. Allow a few seconds for the installation to finish.

How do I install WhatsApp PLUS Holo?

You must first install the official version of the WhatsApp app in order to use WhatsApp Plus Holo. After that, grab the APK file and unzip it using an APK downloader like AndroidZip. This modification allows you to overhaul your appearance and experience a new look. To allow the app to be downloaded using APK files, ensure that the “Unknown sources” option is selected in Settings>Applications.

What is the most recent version of WhatsApp PLUS Holo?

WhatsApp PLUS Holo, version 3.17, is the most recent edition of WhatsApp Plus for Android. Because it is prohibited in the same way as all other versions of WhatsApp +, you will not find WhatsApp PLUS Holo on Google PlayStore. modapksoft or the link above may provide you with an earlier edition of WhatsApp Plus for Android.


WhatsApp has been a popular messaging service, but the app may have hit its limits. The company is introducing an augmented reality feature called “WhatsApp PLUS Holo” which will allow you to overlay your design over a photo of a product in real life before purchasing it online. What do you think? Is this new feature going to help grow their customer base or just lead to more shopping mistakes? We want to know what YOU think about this new tool and how it could be used for marketing purposes- let us know!

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