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Tekken 5 APK Download For Android

Tekken 5 is an arcade fighting game that was created under the supervision of Namco in 2004. Namco Gaming Studio is the only owner of the intellectual property rights to this game. The Tekken 5 video game, on the other hand, is distributed by Sony Interactive Entertainment, and AK Tronic Software and Services GmbH, for example, has licenced the game and distributed it to three other computer game firms. You can simply download Tekken 5 APK from the provided link.

Tekken 5 is a very addictive Android fighting game developed by BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Inc. and published by BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Inc. Many Tekken games have been published by Bandai Namco Entertainment Inc. in the last many years. This team is in charge of ensuring that all official Tekken games are delivered on time. This year’s Tekken 5 game is the sixth major foundation of the Tekken brand, after Tekken 4 in 2013. The whole Tekken series became well-known very immediately after its debut. As a result, the organisation generates new forms every two to three years, depending on the situation.

This game has received a very high rating, reflecting how excellent it is for a computer game from the old school. When compared to the previous Tekken games, Tekken 5 is a fantastic computer game to play. This is the only computer game that features characters from Tekken 3, Tekken 4, as well as some new and spectacular characters. Download Tekken 5 APK to play on your Android device. Each player in the game has their own set of skills, fighting style, and distinctive attack that distinguishes them from the others. Take notice of the new features that have been added to Tekken 5 before you download it.

Tekken 5 APK Download Information

Game NameTekken 5
Game Size38.05 MB
Latest Versionv1.5
Android VersionAndroid 5.0 and above
DeveloperBANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Inc.
Last Update1 day ago

Tekken 5 APK Features

New Characters

There will be a range of characters to pick from in the game; you will be able to create your own selections. Each character will be equipped with a unique set of forces and manoeuvres. You may also switch between other characters based on the circumstances in which you’re currently engaged in the game. Following your selection of them from the library or the store, each character will take leadership of the situation.


In any event, even for complete newbies, the game’s controls are straightforward to use. In the lower portion of the screen, each move will be shown, and you may use it to charge at your opponent.

Battles that are Quick

You’ve definitely spent a lot of time playing battle games on your Android smartphone, and you’ve certainly come across the Free Fight mode option in a number of those games. Rapid Battle is a Tekken 5 free fight style, and here is how it works. In this game mod, you may construct an environment surrounding the combat by picking your number one warrior and a competitor.

System of Control

Maintain total control over your subject and their actions.Prevent starting the battle too soon in order to prevent losing all of your stamina at once. Make heavy use of your kick and punch skills over the course of the game.

Other Features

  • Tekken 5 does not include many of the interactive elements present in the previous game, Tekken 4.
  • Get rid of the occasional land steps that are a nuisance.
  • The level of interactivity should be raised.
  • The player may also swap between characters, which is an excellent element of the game.
  • Players may also play against others from all around the globe over the internet.

What’s New

Improve Your Performance

Tekken 5 Characters

  1. Jin Kazama
  2. Kazuya Mishima
  3. Heihachi Mishima
  4. Yoshimitsu
  5. Ling Xiaoyu
  6. Bryan Fury
  7. Hwoarang
  8. Lee Chaolan
  9. Christie Monteiro
  10. Julia Chang
  11. Eddy Gordo
  12. Lei Wulong
  13. Steve Fox
  14. Combot Tekken
  15. The Tekken King
  16. Phoenix Paul
  17. Craig
  18. Mokujin
  19. Tetsujin
  20. Tekken Force
  21. Leo

Tekken 5 APK Screenshots


How to install Tekken 5 on Android?

Download the Tekken 5 video game from the provided link.
When the download is complete, go to your phone’s settings and turn off the internet.
Unknown Sources must be enabled in order for you to be able to play this game.
Go to the download folder and look for the Tekken 5 APK File, which is currently available.
Install the Takken 5 game at this point.

Final Words

In the history of portable software, Tekken 5 APK Download has unquestionably been the most frequently sought application. Everyone was forced to participate in this game from a young age. As a result, if you desire its flexible rendition application, you can easily get it from our website.

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