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I think that the app Soula WhatsApp is a great way to communicate with people if you’re not able to talk on the phone. It’s perfect for those who are shy or those that want to protect their privacy, like me! The only thing I don’t like about it is that I can’t seem to find where my pictures and files go once they’ve been sent. If anyone could help me out with this problem, I would really appreciate it!

Mobile devices and social media platforms have made life easier and more convenient for many people. Many of us have benefited from the usefulness of WhatsApp for messaging. The Soula WhatsApp, one of the most popular modifications of WhatsApp APK today, will be discussed on this page by modapksoft.

The program will allow you to manage the particular elements of the messaging and application’s operation and confidentiality without violating the terms of use for WhatsApp. Now that we’re all ready, let’s go over Soula WhatsApp’ complete information and download directory.

Soula WhatsApp APK Information

App NameSoula WhatsApp
RequirementAndroid 4 and higher
Size43.1 MB
DeveloperSommer Damous
Last Updates1 day ago

Click the button below to visit the page where you can download Soula WhatsApp APK. Follow the steps outlined on screen and you’ll be sent to a different page.


The Soula WhatsApp is a modified version of the original WhatsApp that includes extra functions and modifications. The app was developed by Syrian developer Sommer Damous.

  • Improved stability, security, and speed of execution
  • You can send chats to anybody, not just your contacts, using this software.
  • More room to tell the world about your day.
  • A new set of smileys and emoji symbols
  • Send different file types up to 100 files with this software.
  • You may also use other means to get information and create backup copies.
  • Original hidden ways to use your phone
  • Share a collection of up to 100 photos with your audience.
  • For contact management, groups, and chats that share status, there are more privacy choices.
  • Select “cancel open the keyboard” to hide the keyboard.
  • You can highlight and copy short text from a lengthy message by using the “text selectable option.”
  • When you copy someone else’s message, the sender’s name and date are hidden.
  • You can now see the complete message without having to choose “read more.”

Main/Chat Screen Mods

At the top of the Soula page, you’ll find “WhatsApp.” You may use the Soula WhatsApp mod to alter the name, number, or status on WhatsApp’s main page. On WhatsApp’s primary screen, you may hide and archive the chat button. This will remove the gray line between chats from the main screen.

Media Sharing Mods

Audio recordings will not be stopped. On Soula WhatsApp, you have the power to send up to 700MB video files. The quality of the picture won’t be lost if you share the original resolution of the photo. There is a time limit on video uploads on Soula WhatsApp now (30 minutes).

Privacy Mods

By utilizing the freeze last seen option, you may conceal your online presence. You can prevent other people from recalling their communications with the revoke mod. This option will prevent someone from revoking the message they sent to you or to a group if you turn it on.

You can view their WhatsApp status without them realizing it by using the hide status view mod. The blue tick and second tick may be hidden with Soula WhatsApp. It also assists you in hiding the typing/recording status bar by using this private mode.

Change Icons

Change the icon of your chosen launcher from twelve distinct styles. All of the designs are quite appealing. The Soula WhatsApp App Icon will be replaced with the launch icon.

General Setting Mods

You may pick from a number of colors for the Soula WhatsApp theme by selecting the all option. You have the option to display or hide the message counter in the Soula WhatsApp logo. This indicator may be turned on or off, allowing you to keep track of how many unread messages you have. The program has a multi-chat capability that allows you to discuss ideas about becoming a card, and you may seamlessly switch between conversations.


Is the Soula WhatsApp download complete? Don’t squander your time! Here’s how to install Soula WhatsApp onto your phone:

  • Tap the gear symbol, then “Security.”
  • Make sure to enable the unknown sources option.
  • Look for the APK file on your phone.
  • Open the APK file and follow the instructions.
  • We advise you to deselect the unknown sources, but it is not necessary.

How to update the version SoulaWhatsApp

Download the most recent version of Soula WhatsApp. From the button above, get an APK link for it. Then install it as you normally do. Before the program you downloaded before updates, do not uninstall it.

It is advised that you backup your files before changing the Soula WhatsApp mod. You will never lose your messages, important files, or be in danger if you follow this step.

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How do I download Soula Whatsapp?

The Soula WhatsApp app is only accessible through the official website, and it’s not open to download from anywhere else. To get your hands on a copy of the app, click the button below and you’ll be taken to a page where you may obtain a download link for Soula WhatsApp. Follow the instructions on that page to be rerouted.

How do I install Soula Whatsapp?

Go to the settings menu, then security.
Make sure you enable the unknown sources option.
Look for the APK file on your phone to download it.
Open the APK file and follow the instructions.
We recommend you turn off the unknown sources, but it’s up to you.

How do I update Soula Whatsapp?

Download the most recent version of Soula WhatsApp. From the above button, get a copy of the APK file. Then, install it in the usual way. Do not remove any applications following installation to keep them up to date.
It’s critical to back up your data before upgrading the Soula WhatsApp mod. You’ll never lose your messages, important files, or be in danger if you do this procedure correctly.


Final Word

The Soula WhatsApp mod is one of the most popular on WhatsApp at the moment. The Soula WhatsApp mod is one of the most famous applications for modifying WhatsApp APK. Without breaching the terms of use, you will be able to adjust certain features of operation and confidentiality in messaging and application usage without violating the conditions of use. Soula mod can change all your WhatsApp background, color, icons, and other aspects like font size, font style, and many more.

You’ll notice that Soula offers the same features as the other mods if you download the APK file. These is new options for customizing the user interface and visual component increased privacy choices on behalf of the consumer, and control over file sending restrictions that we occasionally come across.

What more could you ask for? Give Soula WhatsApp a go and let us know what you think of it.

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