SilentLogging Android

What is SilentLogging Android?

The SilentLogging is a discreet application that’s closely connected to your modem settings. You may also find it in its package name, which happens to be com.sec.modem.settings. One thing you should know about this cool little program: some users might think they’re installing spyware or malware on their device because of how secretive the developer was about what exactly goes on inside when we talk about all these “functions.” But don’t worry! We’ve got an explanation below everything so pay close attention and maybe even disagree with us if necessary (we always love feedback).

What Is Silentlogging For?

SilentLogging Android

The SilentLogging is a program that enables you to log your screen without disrupting what’s on it. It can be handy for those who use programs likeTasker or AutoHotKey since they often have trouble with the Windows key interrupting them while trying out new things in their favorite coding language!

This internal app (SilentLogging) is usually pre-installed in the devices with VoLTE. This high-speed wireless communication for mobile devices and data terminals comes within modern equipment Makes your phone invisible to prying eyes: No more recording of conversations or messages without their knowledge the user can still take out calls on speakerphone normally, but no one else will hear what’s being said unless you speak up!

People in this world cannot live without their Android devices. They can go for days without food, water, or other necessities but they’ll certainly die if it’s not an Android one!

Explaining Silent Logging Android

You may be aware that there’s an app for silentlogging. This is an option in Android devices with VOLTE, and it allows us to monitor our phone without waking up the screen or immediately shutting off when we’re not on a call. It can also show who has been calling so you know whether or not they were important!

Install and Download Silent Logging App

The steps to download and install silent logging programs are as follows.

  • To begin, you must first download the apk file to your devices.
  • Then, on your devices, you must authorise third-party applications and install the quiet log.
  • Now navigate to your file manager or browser’s location and look for the quiet log.
  • Finally, take pleasure in the application’s ability to protect your device against spyware, malware, and adware infections.

Can I Uninstall Silentlogging?

Yes, you can uninstall silentlogging as it is an internal application and the only way for a common user to remove this would be by disabling their account. However, there’s no need because we have disabled all features that require access from outside sources!

Steps to Delete and Uninstall Silent Logging App

Follow the steps below to remove and uninstall the quiet logging app:

  • Open the app on your Android device.
  • Go to the app settings by tapping the menu.
  • You may now view the choices for deleting your account.
  • Delete it, then click the confirm button.

What Permissions Does This Application Have?

The SilentLogging has a lot of permissions from your device. If you want to see what they are, all the settings required for proper working can be accessed through an app’s internal menu system.

The way to access the permissions for SilentLogging is just by going into settings and selecting apps. You have two options: show system app, or turn off silent logging entirely via an option in privacy management with more detailed selections available if needed (in this case). When you open up that menu of sorts it should be easy enough to find what we’re looking for as long as there haven’t been any changes since last time!

SilentLogging App

Is Silent Loggings a Safe Application or It Is a Virus?

On the internet, many users believe that this app (SilentLogging) is malware or a virus because it looks suspicious. However, according to official guidelines from Google’s Android team-app should not be considered as such since there are no known viruses associated with silent logging apps and they can’t get installed without permission from your phone settings!

If you’re having trouble using SilentLogging, consider disabling it or clearing the cache. Factory resetting your device is also a useful trick. If you’re having trouble with this app’s battery usage (SilentLogging), please continue reading this page.

What to Do if Silentlogging Consumes Too Much Battery?

Some users say that SilentLogging drains their battery. This is not a normal function of this app though, as it can be an issue with any other application from time to time; however, I have had no such problems on my own device and recommend giving it another go!

If you see that this app is draining your battery, the best option will be to either disable it or restore your telephone.


Finally, we discovered that the silent logging program allows Android devices to access the devices in order to monitor and repair problems. There is a beneficial side to this software, but there is also a negative side. It has a positive side in that it keeps gadgets secure and virus-free, but it has a bad side in that it quickly drains batteries.

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