Red Whatsapp Download 2021 Apk For Android

The most popular messaging app in Ecuador and Bolivia is Red WhatsApp. It’s a free helpful program with several fantastic and beneficial features. This version also includes anti-ban and ad-free capabilities as well as the option to conceal your online presence. We’ll show you how to download the newest edition of it.

There are several Modded versions of WhatsApp available on the internet, yet there are still some limitations and restrictions imposed on users even with the Modded version.

If you’re looking for a non-restricted version of WhatsApp, try the Red Apk instead. This program has a lot of features. WhatsApp Lite is a variation of WhatsApp Gold. It includes some features adopted from WhatsApp Gold and others that are new.

In a nutshell, it’s a top-rated software with lots of top tools and functions to utilize. The following is a closer look at the WhatsApp Red mobile app.

Red Whatsapp Apk Download

App NameRed Whatsapp
Current version7.75
Size73.29 MB
DeveloperAbu Arab
Android Requirement4.0 and above
Package nameWhatsapp
Total Downloads3M+
Last update1 day ago

Red Whatsapp Feature

Here are some of the special functions that make it unique.

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Freeze Seen

If you don’t want to notify your contact when you were active previously, you can manually freeze your last seen status from the settings.

By doing so, the second on which you have frozen your status will be recorded as your last active time.


Set the anti-delete option to On. If you enable this option, your contacts will no longer be able to remove the communications they’ve sent to you.

Disable Forward

The forward messages tag should be disabled from the stings of this application. If you do, you’ll be able to forward any message to everyone in your contact list, and no one will get a forward tag.

Hide View

If you don’t want your contact to know that you’ve seen his status, then go to the Status menu in My Account. You may also restrict access to the status view by turning it off in your settings.

When you use this, your name will not appear in the seen list even if you watch the status of your friends numerous times.

Status Delete

Set up the anti-status delete option. If you do this and any of your contacts cancel their status before you have a chance to see it, it will be there for 24 hours.

Read Receipt

If you turn off the read receipt, your friends’ chat messages will only show your read status if you respond to them. Otherwise, with the message until and unless you respond to it, only the delivered status will be visible.

Status Seen

If you don’t want to broadcast your current situation to certain individuals, you may hide it by leaving off those people you don’t wish to learn about it.


Also, turn off the typing indicator. Even though you’ll receive a notification and respond to it, your buddy will never find out when you saw the status and when you responded that.


A password or pattern should be used to protect your application. Even if your phone supports fingerprint reading, this program will allow you to set one.

All you have to do is enable the application’s security setting in order to obtain a variety of encryption options.

Pattern Settings

Choose any image, picture, or solid color as the background of your chats and main menu.


Make the contact names stand out from the background by using a different color scheme for them.

Status Color

Set the color of the status’s text. Manually pick a font style and color from the application’s selection.

Message Scheduler

Set the timings of your messages, or even auto-reply, if you’re not online. Set auto-reply if you aren’t available and someone texts you so that you may type whatever default message you desire them to receive even if you are offline.

Direct Connectivity

Instead of the notification area, use the Internet Connectivity switch to control whether or not you want to connect to the internet.

Status Timings

Set the status timings manually from settings to 3 minutes or more.

Video Limit

Set your video sending limit to 700 MB manually from the settings menu.

Group call

You may add as many people in your group call without having to worry about the number limitations and restrictions.

Dark Mode

When you’re ready to enable or disable the dark mode, just go to the app’s settings and switch it on or off.

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Red Whatsapp FAQ’s

Is WhatsApp Red Apk is free to install?

Yes, red WhatsApp is ads-free which you can enjoy without being interrupted by any advertisements.

Is WhatsApp Red Apk is available on the google play store?

No, as mentioned this is a Modded version so it’s not available on Google Play.



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If you’re searching for a modified version of WhatsApp with a lot of features, we suggest you try WhatsApp Red.

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