Purple WhatsApp Download 2021 for Android New Version Apk

A new, purple WhatsApp is making waves on the internet. The app is a “Customized” version of the popular social media platform and it has been designed with women in mind. Women who have found themselves a victim of harassment or bullying online are leading the charge to get this app into mainstream use. It would be an awesome change that could really help people feel safe when using their phones!

If you are watching for the best instant messaging application then this is your lucky day. We here at Appamation suggest that if there’s one thing you’ll want to get into, it would be installing our custom-made Purple WhatsApp on all of your devices!

Purple WhatsApp is a new and improved version of the popular messaging app. It has all sorts of cool features, from changing your background to installing third-party addons on it!

The list goes on: you can also customize how things work in Purple Whatsapp by choosing which type of theme suits you best out there if something doesn’t suit then just swap them for another option that does fit better with what do want instead?

Besides that, The security of this application will keep you safe. Download it without being afraid because the measures are so reliable!

Users will never be bothered by storage concerns or be notified of a space constraint if the file size is small.

Purple Whatsapp Apk Download

App NamePurple WhatsApp
Current version8.50
Size32 MB
Ratings4.1 out of 5
Package nameWhatsapp
Required Android4.4 and above
Total Downloads8 M+
Last updated15 Nov 2019

Purple Whatsapp Features

One of the best features about this version of Purple WhatsApp is that it provides a variety in terms or features. This way, you can find what’s most suitable for your needs and preferences!

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One great thing about visiting an updated site instead if old one? Well there are many things we like but maybe our top favorite would have to be all those extra goodies they’ve given us just because like emoticons and stickers (:


You can share pictures and videos without compromising the quality of data. Quality will not be disturbed by sharing!

Share messages, pictures and videos with the world easily. There are no limits on what you can forward – it’s all there waiting for your eyes!

Along with a selection of more than 30 pictures and videos, you can also select from our gallery. There won’t be any restrictions on what images or video clips are available for use in your story!


A good way to keep your profile picture private is by hiding it from just one or two select contacts. This will give you more space for privacy with these individuals rather than blocking them completely, since there’s no point in keeping someone who doesn’t care about what they’re doing online!


A good way to keep your profile picture private is by hiding it from just one or two select contacts. This will give you more space for privacy with these individuals rather than blocking them completely, since there’s no point in keeping someone who doesn’t care about what they’re doing online!

Chat Screen

The chat screen will not only display the name of content but also show you when and how long it has been active. Along with that, an about text string attributed to who is currently chatting may be visible as well!

Voice messages

Send your voice messages without the problems that came with the previous edition, when you were not able to leave the chat part while you were recording your voice and were forced to remain in it throughout.

However, with the Purple WhatsApp Application, you may return to any other conversation or any other status without having to delete your recorded audio message.

Copy and Paste

Copy and paste the whole text from your conversation, along with that one part of it. You can select what you want to include in this note if necessary!


This program is compatible with all Android-based smartphones; however, the sole need for this application is that the Android operating system be version 4.4 or above.

The rest of this will never need the use of a high-end gadget to be installed on your computer. The sole need will be the system version of the Android operating system to be met.


You may customize the application’s user interface in any manner you choose. You may customize the text by changing the backdrop colour, font colour, and font look (if applicable).

It is possible to customize the look of the application’s interface in this manner if you so wish.

It’s all in your hands; you may adjust and customize the design of this instant messaging program.

Font Appearance

Not only can the font color be changed, but the font’s overall look may be altered as well. You may also change the font style of your regular-looking font to a bubble font, italic font, or bold font.

It is not enough to just change the color of typefaces; you must also alter the look of the font in order to get the desired result.

Status Download

You may download your friends’ status updates and posts right from the status part of the page. Every status will be accompanied by the symbol for downloading.

Nothing more than clicking on that symbol will enable your downloading to begin immediately. It will store the stuff that you have downloaded immediately into the gallery of your phone’s memory. You may share that video or photo from the gallery again at a later time.

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Purple WhatsApp FAQ’s

Is the Purple WhatsApp application is available on the google play store?

We are sorry, but this application is not accessible on the Google Play Store due to the fact that it is the Modded version; however, you may find it on our website.

Is the Purple WhatsApp application is free?

Yes, you may download and use this program at your convenience at any time.



One of the most well-modified versions of WhatsApp that has been built to date. This version of WhatsApp has all of the capabilities that have previously been limited in other Modded versions of the application.

This edition has, without a doubt, the finest of the greatest features, which have been produced by the best programmers. It is recommended that you install and use this application at least once, as you will never be let down.

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