Pink WhatsApp Download 2021 For Android Apk New Version

There are different modified versions of WhatsApp available on the internet. But they’re not safe and some may contain malware or phishing scams to steal your personal information like passwords for various sites, email accounts, etc., recently a new version called “WhatsApp Pink” has been making rounds in which seems trustworthy but upon downloading it will lead you down an unsafe path with additional features that seem beyond what’s offered by regular apps like this one!

It is recommended to stay away unless absolutely necessary because these clone applications can’t really provide anything extra other than just appearing legitimate when installed onto someone’s phone hard drive where hackers could easily access them without permission first hand if running any sort of security program that could detect malware that may be lurking in the background.

Do you love Pink and WhatsApp?! Then this is the APK for you! PinkWhatsApp is identical to official WhatsApp, but it has Pink background. PinkWhatsApp works on every device with Android 5.0+, so you can install it even if your phone comes with pre-installed WhatsApp.

Pink Whatsapp Logo

Pink Whatsapp Icon

So what makes Pink WhatsApp unique? Pink background! That’s it! You can also change your theme back to white with just a click of a button within the app if you want to go back to the classic WhatsApp. PinkWhatsApp is more than just a Pink theme, it has many features and improvements that make your daily messaging experience better!

Pink Whatsapp

There are still some restrictions over at WhatsApp. For example, the selection of photos you can post is quite limited and videos have a short length limit too!

WhatsApp Pink is a great way to get around all of these restrictions and more! It provides you with greater features than the standard WhatsApp, so I recommend downloading it if this sounds like something that might interest you.

There are so many features and tools in this application, we can’t summarize them all here. But you’ll get the idea of what’s available with our summarized list below!

Pink Whatsapp Apk Details

NamePink WhatsApp
Size24.1 MB
Package nameWhatsapp
Ratings4 out of 5
Required Android2.3 and above
Released onJuly 10, 2017

Pink Whatsapp Key Features

Pink Whatsapp is the best app for changing your WhatsApp color to pink. This app has many features that make it stand out from other apps like this one. For example, you can change your background photo and set a custom font!

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The following are some of the best features that this version of whatsapp offers.

File Format

Send any file of any format. That is, you can share files like mp4, mp3 or a dc and don’t worry about the length – Pink WhatsApp will let senders increase video lengths without limit!

As an official Whatsapp modder myself I know how frustrating it gets when we see our videos get chopped off before they’re done loading because other people are using default limits set by operating system providers instead of letting us adjust settings ourselves (not that there’s anything wrong with those standards).

But now users have complete control over what images make up their messages’ attachments; which means no more waiting around for picturesque landscapes just so someone else has something interesting enough to watch at 1080p.


Controlling one’s privacy has never been as secure as it is now with WhatsApp. Choose the level of privacy and the sort of privacy you want for your app’s security.

That is, you will not be required to download any third-party security software in order to encrypt your application.

There will be a plethora of alternatives for securing your application, such as pattern, numeric key lock, and so on.

Additionally, if your phone supports fingerprint security, you may configure it manually for WhatsApp under the WhatsApp settings.


Change the interface’s theme, color, and notification area color, among other things. Some of you may be under the impression that the application’s default background color would be pink only.

But this is a myth. Although the application’s default color is pink, you may change it directly from the settings. As the background of your application, you may use any offered color or image.

Font Appearance

You may modify the color and look of the fonts from the program, as well as the theme.

The ordinary font may be changed to bubble on, and the font color can be changed from black to whatever color you choose to fit the background.

Status Download

Download the status and posts of your friends in an easy way. As with official WhatsApp, you need a third-party app to download all uploaded photos on Facebook from other people’s profiles that they have shared publicly or privately in their timeline for example by making them directly downloadable right into your computer without having any extra steps involved at all!

And sometimes those applications installed for status downloading are not safe enough to use on your mobile security. With pink WhatsApp, you can directly install the latest and greatest statuses without getting third party software that might take up storage space or consume battery life in other ways!

Copy Text

You can easily copy the text from your friend’s status updates and paste them wherever you want on your phone.

This is a smart feature of this application since there are just a few Mode WhatsApp apps that enable you to copy text status directly.

Hide Message

Hide the conversations from the main menu. Alternatively, you can create a password for. That is, if someone opens the message from the WhatsApp home menu, they will be prompted for a password that you have already specified.

Also, keep in mind that the application’s password and the chat’s password will be different, so don’t panic if they’re the same.

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Pink WhatsApp FAQ’s

Is the Pink WhatsApp application is available on the google play store?

Because it is a modded version, this application is not accessible on the Google Play Store. However, you can find it here on our website!

Is the Pink WhatsApp application is free?

Yes, you can install this application for FREE!



In terms of the verdict, we suggest this program due to its appealing user interface.

Although this application has practically all of the functionality that can be found in any Modded version of WhatsApp, it is worth installing because of its stunning interface.

The originality of the UI of this application is adored by those who have previously tried it.

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