What is PacProcessor

What is PacProcessor and what is it for Android?

In order to understand what PacProcessor is, we must first understand what a PAC is not. In computing, a proxy access control (PAC) file is a text file that instructs a certain program or browser to route traffic via a proxy server rather than directly to the website of the target.

It may seem a bit strange at this point, but bear with me as I continue to build this post and you will completely get what I’m talking about.

What Is Pacprocessor?

PacProcessor is in charge of completing the PAC’s processing. This is used for automatic proxy discovery. PACs include a JavaScript, and this script defines the proxy server as well as the parameters, which determine when it is feasible for a browser to pass traffic to the proxy server (when the proxy server is enabled).

Many people have inquired as to whether it is feasible to uninstall this application. In the next paragraph, we will explain whether or not this is feasible, as well as the ramifications of doing so.

Can I Uninstall Pacprocessor?

It may be feasible to remove the PacProcessor built-in application, but we do not suggest it because of the risks involved. Many customers have reported that after removing it, their device continues to display an error message in a pop-up window and, in some cases, fails to run at all when restarted.

If you uninstall PacProcessor, you will no longer be able to attach a particular proxy server to a certain program for online access, as you did before.

If you are experiencing problems with the PacProcessor, please do not uninstall it or uninstall it. Try to come up with some additional feasible solutions to the problem.

What Permissions Does This Application Have?

It is possible that you already know this if you looked at the PacProcessor permissions, but this one does not need any rights in order to do its regular functions. 

No permissions required.

Pacprocessor Is a Safe Application or Is It a Virus?

PACs are often the subject of a large number of exploits, which is a result of the large attack surface that they typically offer to attackers. This may seem to be a strange application, but it is not. As with many other internal applications, this one performs a critical role.

It is possible to verify your device using a reliable virus analyzer in order to determine whether or not you have a virus on your system. If you are seeing any PacProcessor pop-up windows, a recommended solution is to factory reset your device.

What to Do if Pacprocessor Consumes Too Much Battery?

Typically, this is a non-battery-consuming consumer application. If you are experiencing problems with this application’s battery usage, it is possible that the problem is linked to our preceding statement. A large amount of power must be used by this tiny file, which is not feasible given its size.

We recommend that you attempt to clear the cache or restore your device in order to get it back to its original state. We hope you now understand what the PacProcessor application is and what it is used for. If you didn’t, please let us know what you were thinking.


What does the application com.android.pacprocessor do?

PAC is an initials for “proxy auto-config,” and it is a file that allows a web browser to identify the most appropriate proxy server for a particular URL. PacProcessor is a system program for Android that is responsible for processing the proxy auto-config.

Is it safe to uninstall the app com.android.pacprocessor?

This package is **not** bloatware, and it should not be unnecessarily disabled or deleted from your phone without consulting you first.

How to Fix PacProcessor Has Stopped Error Message?

Following the steps outlined below will allow you to resolve the “PacProcessor Has Stopped” problem message.

Clear PacProcessor App Cache and App Data

  1. Go to the Settings menu.
  2. Select Apps from the drop-down menu.
  3. To access the Ellipsis icon (three vertical dots) in the top right corner, press the Ellipsis button.
  4. Select Show System Apps from the drop-down menu.
  5. Locate and choose the PacProcessor application from the list of available applications.
  6. Select Storage from the drop-down menu.
  7. Clear the cache by using the Clear Cache button.
  8. Clear the data by using the Clear Data button.

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