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My11Circle is a fantasy game application for the Android platform. The My11Circle Apk is an latest version of the game that allows you to play amazing games.

The Federation of Indian Fantasy Sports has approved My11Circle apk as a legitimate organisation. My11Circle is a fantasy software, and now days, everyone plays fantasy games.

What is Fantasy Game?

A fantasy game is, in essence, a game in which everybody may choose certain players and put together his or her own squad. When the game is played in real time, the points earned by the players are determined by their performance. As soon as the game is over, a leaderboard is established, and you will be awarded prize money in accordance with your place on the fantasy league leaderboard.

My11Circle Apk Information

DeveloperMyCircle11 Pvt Ltd
Last Update1 day ago

Using your sports expertise, create a fantasy team of your favourite players. Then, participate in a variety of free and premium fantasy games for a chance to win real cash prizes that are sent straight into your bank account. While you’re watching your favourite matches, indulge in some fantasy gaming.

With the My11Circle App on your Android smartphone, you can make real money from home. The performance of your team’s players in a real-life match determines the victor. It is possible to participate in a contest 30 minutes before the toss.

You will need 100 points in order to create your squad. Spend your points wisely in order to make the best choice for your team. In a cricket match, choose a total of 11 players from among the 100 points you have. You may choose from 5–6 batsmen, 4-5 bowlers, and a wicketkeeper for your team.

Participate in real-time competitions throughout the Indian Premier League season, if you so wish. MY11Circle is represented by Sourav Ganguli, who serves as the company’s brand ambassador.

More About My11Cicle App

My11Circle apk is a mobile game developed by 24 7 Games that was released in 2019. ESPN Cricinfo is responsible for the design and development of this app. This application is currently available for download in its version 4.14. The size of this application is 73 MB. More than 5 million copies of the software have been downloaded worldwide. The My11Circle was founded by Bhavin Pandya and Trivikraman in the year 2011. This firm also has an Online Rummy app available for download.

My11Circle Fantasy Cricket App Screens & Features

Real Matches

You may see all of the upcoming, live, and finished matches in this area.

The specifics of completed matches are significant because they allow you to examine how each player performed in a specific match and how well they performed overall.

Matches in progress are shown in one location so that you can keep track of how your players are doing on a real time basis.

It is possible to look for upcoming matches and to prepare teams in preparation for such matchups, ensuring that you do not lose out on participation in the battle at the last minute.

Cash Contests

Cash contests are accessible in each of the matches, and you can check which ones are available. A cash contest is a contest in which there is an entry fee as well as a prize fund connected with it. This page contains complete information on how the prize money will be distributed on the basis of leaderboard placement.

Matches for Practice

There is no entrance cost for all of the matches. You may participate in practise matches if you do not want to pay a fee to participate in a tournament since you are new to the sport and just want to give it a try.

Private Contests

One of the most useful features of the My11Circle app is the ability to organise and participate in private competitions. Private competitions are those contests that are not visible to the general public on the app, and consumers may only participate in these contests if they have received an invitation code. Individuals that choose to participate in competitions with their family or friends alone, rather than with strangers, have developed these contests. My11circle app users love this form of contest, and it’s one of the most popular.

My Matches

In this area, you can see a list of all of the matches in which you have taken part throughout the years. It is simple to keep track of the current, future, and finished matches.

Checking my live matches offers me a sense of how the players are doing in real time as the match is being played in real time.

Having all of my upcoming matches in one spot makes it easier for me to change my team before the contest begins.

Having all of my completed matches in one spot makes it easier for me to analyse the players’ performances in recent contests.

Add Cash in My11circle apk

The ability to add money to your my11cirlce wallet in advance means that you won’t have to worry about adding money to your wallet at the last minute, which might cause your participation in a contest to be delayed.

This feature is beneficial because the money you deposit into your my11circle wallet is secure, and since you have money in your wallet, you may enter any contest with a single click because the entry cost is withdrawn from your wallet automatically after you enter any contest.

Videos from My11Circle

In the my11circle apk, there is a section dedicated to videos. You may view videos from cricbuzz, motivational movies from Saurav Ganguly for forthcoming matches, my11circle winners’ testimonies, and videos from victors who defeated the Saurav Ganguly squad.

Earn money by referring others

You may tell others about my11circle apk and encourage them to download it. When someone joins the my11circle app, you will get Rs 500 whenever they participate in a sponsored contest.


In the promotions area, you can see all of the promotions that are now running in the my11circle app.


My account, transactions, Bonus Summary, Withdrawals, and all other choices may be found in the More menu part of the my11circle app, which can be accessed from the main menu.

Benefits of My11Circle Fantasy Cricket app

Join any cricket match on the go

It is quite easy to participate in the matches. All you have to do is launch the my11circle apk, choose the match, and enter the contest with the winning team that is most appropriate for you.

Play real matches with the players you want

You will have the opportunity to compete in matches against 11 cricket players. You have the option of selecting any 11 players who are participating in the match. You must adhere to the guidelines that have been set out.

Great user friendly app interface

With the users in mind, the my11circle app was designed from the ground up. My11circle’s user interface is very user-friendly and intuitive. It is certain that you will like it.

100% secure & safe transactions

Using my11circle, you can be certain that your debit and credit transactions are completely safe, discreet, and secure.

Participate in practise games and learn to be an expert.

In my11circle, you have the wonderful option of participating in practise matches prior to participating in any paid events.

Win real cash

Once you have gained the confidence to engage in paid competitions, you may enter any contest you like and compete against other participants for cash prizes.

Avail cool offers & promotions

A large number of deals and promotions are available at all times in the my11circle apk. You may have a look at them.

Smooth & effortless experience

My11circle provides an excellent user experience. The application operates without a hitch. It doesn’t take up a lot of room. Using the app, you’ll see that the dashboard is quite clear and straightforward.

How to play Fantasy Cricket on My11Circle?

The following is the step-by-step approach for participating in any cricket contest on My11Circle apk:

  1. Sign up for the my11circle mobile application.
  2. If you wish to participate in fantasy cricket on the site, you must first log into my11circle. Use your email address, Facebook account, or cellphone number to check in to the site.
  3. Take your pick from any of the matches.
  4. Following your login, you may pick any future match in which you wish to play because you believe you can win by putting together the best possible squad for it.
  5. Make a group of people for yourself.
  6. Following the selection of your match, you must put together a squad that will be the most effective in terms of generating the most fantasy points for you.
  7. Participate in the Contest
  8. There is no charge for participating in these matches. You are welcome to participate in these for practise.
  9. These are contests that are compensated. You may participate by paying an entrance fee and have the opportunity to earn even more money if you put together the greatest team.
  10. These competitions are not accessible on the app and may only be entered by using the invitation code that has been issued to you by a member of your family or friend network.
  11. Keep track of the progress of your players.
  12. Now you can sit back and enjoy the game, keeping an eye on how your chosen players are playing since their performance will earn you points and provide you with prize money.

So don’t waste any more time. Now is the time to download the My11circle app!

How To Download and Install My11Circle APK

Click on the Get button above to download the most recent version of My11Circle APK that allows you to install apps from unknown sources on your Android smartphone and install them on your device.
Install the apk file that you just downloaded.
Allow the programme to ask for all of the permissions it needs in order to function properly.

Permissions For My11Circle App

  • Location of the network and GPS base station
  • Storage
  • Network

APK Test

  • Samsung Galaxy J7 Prime is the name of the device.
  • 3 GB of RAM
  • Exynos 7870 is the processor used.

Ram Usage

The fact that this is a basic software that does not run any heavy processes means that it only consumes a little amount of RAM.

Kids Safety

This is a knowledge-based game that includes real-money risk, and as such, it is not suggested for children under the age of 18.

User Interface

The interface of this software is simple and straightforward to use.

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