How to Create Online Video Chat Room Using Linkello?

In recent years, video conferencing has evolved into an essential aspect of daily life for both enterprises and private individuals alike. It’s not only businesses that are using video to communicate; grandmothers, book clubs, and churches are among the groups that are using video to communicate these days as well.

If you want to focus on your presentations, Linkello, one of the most well-known video conferencing companies, doesn’t have any lags in its video chats.

When it comes to small enterprises, the Linkello platform can assist them in overcoming issues that are specific to them, such as managing various processes with a small staff and a limited budget, prioritising resources to guarantee that they can all be completed effectively, and more. People can do more with video communication because Linkello has easy-to-use tools and features, as well as a simple user interface.

What is Linkello?

LinKello is regarded as one of the most straightforward video calling choices since it does not require you to create an account in order to participate in a video conference. It is possible to build a free web link (URL) to a video call screen by visiting the Linkello official website. After it has been set up, the connection may be viewed using an internet browser on a computer, a smartphone, or a tablet.

All that is required of the user in order to participate in the call is the entry of a name that will stay in the system for the length of the call. It may be difficult in certain circumstances to create a connection and send it out, especially if the senior is the one who initiates the call. When you buy a premium version, you can make a link that other people can use to join the video conference at any time.

How to create chat room using Linkello

It is simple for you to set up a meeting in order to begin communicating with Linkello through the internet. There are a few steps you must take. Before you can successfully build an online conversation room, you must first go through the processes outlined below.

We’ll get right to it.

  • You should begin by visiting Linkello’s official website, which is located at From there, you should proceed as follows:
  • To begin an audio or video call, you must first create a title that represents the agenda for organising the online communication (for example, marketing strategy), after which you can select either the audio or video call that you want to organise with your colleagues or friends by selecting the create button from the drop-down menu. To complete this step, click on the “create” button.

Once you click on the “Create” button, you will be provided with a one-time use link that will be active for the next 24-hours. You may share this link with any of your coworkers or friends who would want to participate in the meeting to discuss the agenda with you. You have the option of sending this link to an email address or straight to a friend.

The people who have this link merely need to enter their names in the new tab that appears when the link is opened in the browser, and they will be able to participate in the conference call immediately thereafter.

All we have to offer you in terms of assistance in setting up a successful online communication room with Linkello It is not simple, but it is much easier than other choices like Zoom and Google Meet. But, do you know what’s even more unique about this situation? It is not necessary to have a Gmail account in order to participate in the online conversation room. Instead, all you need is the URL provided by the person who is hosting the call.

The advantages of working with Linkello Audio/Video Solutions

Linkello allows you to have online meetings without having to worry about anything and removes the time-consuming procedure of setting up an online chat room.

Attending professional meetings or engaging in a lengthy chat with old acquaintances no longer necessitates the use of Gmail accounts. Take a look at the advantages of using Linkello to schedule meetings in the following sections.

1. Simple to use

Generating a URL for establishing an online conversation room may be done directly from your browser. Nothing has to be installed on your computer.

2. Fast

When you input your name on your computer, phone, or tablet, the connection to your own discussion place is generated instantly. You have the ability to make voice and video calls as well as send documents.

3. Secured

Linkello as a corporation uses a “Privacy by Design” approach, which means it does not gather data and complies with the GDPR. All of the facilities and services are made in France, which means that all data flows are encrypted from start to finish.

4. Sigh of relief for employers

The use of Linkello also has the additional advantage of providing relief to employers, especially in the aftermath of the epidemic, when everything has gone digital, even the office tasks. However, with the advent of Linkello, all of the company’s employers and directors will be happier than ever before, as they will be able to plan meetings with several workers at the same time, regardless of the company’s strategies or current work.

5. Linkello’s cutting-edge technology allows you to communicate with your team from any location.

You can have a video conference with your team (of up to 15 people), or you can do one-on-one sessions with clients. Even though there isn’t a lot of bandwidth, it still has high-quality HD video and audio. This allows your team to work together more effectively and efficiently than ever before.

6. A single point of contact for meetings, phone calls, webinars, and chat sessions.

They will like that they just have to use one tool for meetings, webinars, phone calls, and chat sessions with the colleagues with whom they are working.

Linkello is always making changes to its platform to meet the needs of businesses, so you’ll never have to switch to another communication tool again!

Features of Linkello

Some elements supplied by Linkello to improve the video meet experience, which may be lacking in other options, are as follows: Here are a few of its distinguishing characteristics:

  • Linkello is a social networking application that allows you to connect with a large number of individuals all around the globe.
  • It includes several unique features that allow you to communicate with friends, family, and random people from around the globe at any time. Its excellent video experience, on the other hand, means that your important business meetings will not be ruined by a bad user interface.
  • The good news is that this programme is available on both Android and iOS devices, which is good news for people who use both types of devices.
  • The user does not need to provide any more information in order to add friends to this app.
  • This social media tool doesn’t have any problems that you might have while taking part in Zoom sessions.
  • It allows you to conduct video conferences with a group of up to 15 people.
  • Linkello offers a unique feature called “in-call messaging,” which enables you to communicate with your friends and coworkers through text messages while on the phone.

Final Words

Don’t give up on all of the hard work you’ve put into establishing your company because your communications services are unable to keep up with your needs. A video conferencing system like Linkello is a great choice for any small business that wants to grow into a big company.

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