How to Change Background on Whatsapp?

Changing the background of your WhatsApp chats may make a huge difference in your mood. From a privately owned image to a solid colour to WhatsApp’s own wallpaper collection, you may pick from a variety of media for your background. It’s not only a unique and entertaining feature, but it’s also a simple one. Whether you’re establishing a background for a group chat or a single contact’s conversation, the method is the same. So, scroll down to learn how to change your WhatsApp background in a simple and quick manner. The steps outlined here are for the app’s Android version.

WhatsApp is a popular messaging and video calling app used by most people in the world. Unlike other apps, it has light features with great user interface that makes using this application easier than ever before!

What’s nice about WhatsApp is that it can be customized to a user’s preferences. One of the many useful features is the ability to change the background of your chat. Moreover, it is quite simple to implement. Continue reading for all of the information you require.

Changing the Background on WhatsApp

If you use WhatsApp on a daily basis, it’s totally fair to switch things up now and again. There are numerous options for doing so. Changing the background or wallpaper of your conversations is the simplest option.

WhatsApp has provided a number of alternatives in this regard. You may choose a solid colour from their palette, upload a photo from your phone’s library, or utilise an official WhatsApp wallpaper app to access a variety of stunning background photos. All you have to do now is follow the steps below:

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1. Open WhatsApp and select Menu from the drop-down menu (three vertical dots in the right upper corner of the screen).
2. Select “Settings” from the drop-down menu.
3. Now choose “Chats.”
4. Tap “Wallpaper” at the very top of the screen.
5. Select “Change” from the drop-down menu.
6. Choose the wallpaper you wish to use and then click “Set Wallpaper.”
All of your chats will now have your new background. That’s all there is to it. It’s also worth noting that you may always choose to have no wallpaper or return to the default background that came with WhatsApp when you initially installed it.

How to change your WhatsApp background on iPhone or Android

whatsapp setting
chat wallpaper setting
wallpaper setting
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1. On your iPhone or Android smartphone, open WhatsApp.
2. In WhatsApp, go to “Settings” and tap it.
It’s on the far right of the bottom menu bar on an iPhone.
On an Android, tap “Settings” after clicking the three vertical dots in the top-right corner.
3. Select “Chats” from the drop-down menu.
4. On iPhone, tap “Chat Wallpaper,” and on Android, tap “Wallpaper.”
5. Pick one of the following:
A panel of preloaded wallpapers will appear when you tap on “Wallpaper Library.”
When you tap “Solid Colors,” a menu of colour options displays.
You can load a wallpaper from your photo library by tapping “Photos” on iPhone or “Gallery” on Android.
6. You’ll be sent to a “Wallpaper Preview” screen once you’ve picked a new wallpaper. If you selected a photo, this is where you may make changes to it.
7. When you’re pleased with your background, go to the bottom-right and touch “Set.”

Things to Keep in Mind

When you set a background for one chat, it is applied to all of your contacts’ chats. In addition, group chats are provided. When you set a wallpaper, WhatsApp automatically saves the media file in a folder called “wallpapers” on your device.

Of course, you may always remove the folder from your device. And no, your background will not be removed from your WhatsApp chat. Last but not least, setting a wallpaper does not necessitate the use of Wi-Fi. Offline, you may change or even eliminate one that is already in place.

With vivid colours, wonderful photography, and wallpapers, you can now liven up the WhatsApp chat interface with colourful colours, amazing photography, and backgrounds. It’s simple, quick, and entertaining, and it’s all done in the privacy of your own home!

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