Frostborn Mod Apk Latest Version 2022

Frostborn is a brand-new sort of survival game for mobile phones, and it is available now. It has familiar gameplay while also attracting gamers from all around the globe. The game takes place in an old environment where a plethora of bizarre creatures and horrific monsters may be encountered. In which players must discover a way to live in this country by engaging in combat, hunting, crafting, and other activities. In addition, it boasts addicting gameplay, better visuals, and a slew of innovative features to keep you entertained.

Frostborn mod apk is a recently released piece of work by producer Kefir! This developer is well-known to many gamers all over the globe, having created numerous famous games such as Last Day on Earth: Survival, Frostborn will be a similar game to its predecessor, but players will begin their journey in a more ancient and mysterious environment. There is also a fairy tale included in the game’s narrative. In this post, we will supply you with all of the necessary information about the game, as well as a link to download and install it for free.

Frostborn Mod Apk Information

App NameFrostborn Mod Apk
Size152.34 MB
Latest Versionv1.14.52.28465
Compatible with4.4 and up
Last Update1 dat ago

Frostborn mod apk Features

The programme offers users with a plethora of incredible advantages and features, which are detailed below.

Fight the opponents

Frostborn mod apk gives players the chance to participate in this action-packed game in which they will be able to vanquish their opponents by using the abilities that have been granted to them by the game’s creators.

Build your land

In this programme, players will be able to rebuild their Viking land that they have previously lost, and they will be able to do so from scratch by conquering their opponents and earning resources at the conclusion of each fight.

Intuitive user interface

Users of the Frostborn mod apk programme will find the application’s user interface quite intuitive and pleasant, and they will be able to move around the application without the need for any type of tutorial or user guide.

Be the undefeated immortal

The programme grants players the opportunity to take on the role of the Immortal Undefeated Warrior, who is capable of avenging the deaths of their loved ones in battle.

Free of cost

Each and every one of the services supplied by the Frostborn mod apk programme is completely free of charge, and the user will not be required to put a burden on their financial situation in order to take advantage of this incredible application’s services.

Survival game

In this programme, users have the chance to participate in a survival game in which they may team up with other Vikings in order to construct a very strong foundation, which will aid them in their battle against the undead opponents that are advancing on them.

Compatible with other Android devices

Customers who download and install the Frostborn mod apk programme will be able to access the game’s services on any other Android device they own. It is compatible with a variety of smartphone manufacturers, allowing the user to make use of it with relative ease.

Build your empire

The software gives players the chance to expand their empire by using the resources that have been provided to them. The user will be able to construct massive fortifications and expansive kingdoms.

No interruptions

The Frostborn mod apk programme enables users to effortlessly navigate around the apps without experiencing any interruptions to the system’s operation.

High quality graphics

The programme provides users with high-quality images and pictures, which will assist them in having a fun and enjoyable time while using the application. The programme offers vibrant and beautiful colours, which add to the enjoyment of the game.

Less space consumption

This programme does not take up a lot of space on the user’s device, making it simple for anybody to download and install it on their smartphones.

Modded version

Due to the fact that this is a hacked version of the programme, the user will be able to get access to an endless amount of coins and money, which will allow them to purchase anything they like without having to work for it.

No need to Root your device

This Frostborn mod apk programme allows the user to make use of all of the app’s features without having to root their Android phone or tablet.

Multiple languages Support

In addition, the programme gives users the flexibility to access its services in whatever language they choose, regardless of where they are located. Among the available languages are: Portuguese, English, Spanish, French, German, Japanese, Russian, Italian, Arabic, Finish, Greek, Hindi, Korean, Turkish (including Indonesian), Romania, Bulgarian, Thai (including Slovak), Ukrainian (including Amharic), Zulu (including Armenian), and a plethora of others. Because the programme supports such a large number of languages, anybody from anywhere in the globe may effortlessly access and utilise its services without encountering any difficulties or complications.

Advertisement free service

The Frostborn mod apk programme provides players with the option to play the game without being interrupted by any form of promotional material or commercial campaigns in the course of their gaming experience.

Safe and confidential

Frostborn mod apk programme takes precautions to ensure that all of its users’ information is kept secure and private at all times. Information about a user’s personal and private life is not shared over the internet, and no third party may have access to this information.

Regular updates

As long as the application is updated on a regular basis, it will be even more appealing to users and attract additional users. This enables users to make use of the programme services without encountering any difficulties of any kind.

Full time availability

The Frostborn mod apk programme gives its services to its users around the clock, which means that the user may use the application’s services anytime they want and from any location.

Play in groups

When using the programme, users will have the option to play in groups with their friends and family members, which will make the experience even more thrilling and enjoyable for them.


Is the apk file easy to download?

This application’s users may quickly download the apk file and enjoy the application’s features by simply launching it.

Is the apk file virus free?

In fact, the app’s apk file is virus-free and will not do any damage to the user’s operating system.


The Frostborn mod apk gives players the option to participate in this action-packed game in which they will be immortal and will be able to fight their adversaries while also constructing their own Viking homeland. The fact that the programme offers all of its functions for free only serves to increase its attractiveness.

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