How to Delete WhatsApp Group (Android or iPhone)

How to Delete WhatsApp Group

Group chats in WhatsApp are a great way to collaborate with co-workers or shoot the breeze with family and friends, keeping your entire conversation organized on one screen. Chat admins can delete that chat completely if you’re an admin – while members exit out of group conversations but have access (and control) over deleting them … Read more

How Does WhatsApp Make Money? (Revenue Model 2021)

How Does WhatsApp Make Money?

The story of WhatsApp began when Jan Koum and Brian Acton founded the company in February 2009. They developed it initially as a status update application, but later introduced Whatsapp 2.0 which changed its function to Instant Messaging Application (IMA). Whatsapp has been on a path of explosive growth ever since it was acquired by … Read more